Help! I think I got scammed. Who do I call?

We highlight how the CFPB complaint process works. We also dive into the  CFPB complaint definition if you’ve been wronged by a credit bureau,  financial institution, or scammer.

What Is a CFPB Complaint?

It’s a statement from a consumer that details a mistake, misdeed, or  poor customer service involving a financial institution or credit  bureau.

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What Is the CFPB Complaint Process?

The CFPB complaint process is a government system that allows consumers  to submit complaints about credit bureaus, financial institutions, or  scammers.

What Situations Are Covered by CFPB Complaints?

– Your credit report from one of the big three credit bureaus has reporting errors. – You dispute a purchase shown on your credit card statement.

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You may submit a CFPB complaint whenever you’ve been wronged by a credit bureau, financial services company, or scammer.

When Should You File a CFPB Complaint?


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