Here is how to clean your air fryer

This guide includes information on how to clean stubborn, stuck-on  grease from an air fryer basket, what to avoid when cleaning an air  fryer, and some air fryer cleaning hacks.

When grease and food particles build up, they can block airflow and heat  distribution, leading to uneven cooking and longer cooking times.

Why is it important to clean an air fryer?

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Why is it important to clean an air fryer?

Don’t let lingering odors ruin your next meal! Food particles and oil  residue can build up in your air fryer after cooking, affecting the  flavor.

When & How Often to Clean Your Air Fryer?

Clean the grease from the air fryer basket and grate every time you use it. Clean the inside, the heating element, and the exterior weekly to avoid greasy build-up.

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Disinfectant sprays or wipes. Most disinfectant products aren’t designed to be used on surfaces where you cook your food.

What to Avoid When Cleaning an Air Fryer?


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