Inflation blowing your budget? Here’s how to be a savvier spender

Many people seem to feel their money vanishes almost as soon as they  get paid. But of course, that’s not the case. They just aren’t spending their money wisely.

Not Trying to Impress Others

When you buy something, check in with yourself and make sure it is something that is truly for you and not something you are buying because you feel you’re "supposed to".

A regular habit of eating out or buying coffee can put a dent in your financial fitness.

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Not Eating Out or Buying Coffee Every Day

Setting Reminders for Bills to Avoid Late Fees

One of the least wise ways to spend money is on late fees, interest, and other costs that don’t contribute anything positive to your life.

A journal of transactions can help keep you accountable to yourself about where your money goes.

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Using a Journal of Transactions to Avoid Frivolous Spending


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