Here’s how to make $500 fast!

Imagine if $500 was just sitting in your bank account seven days from now. That would be pretty cool, right?

You will find a list of strategies and a wide variety of ideas to help you make $500 fast.

Use Craigslist

Go through your garage, closet and house and take anything you have not used or worn in the last 6-12 months. Put it all in a pile, take a bunch of photos and post it on Craigslist.


You can make $500 pretty quickly selling stuff on the e-commerce mega-site Amazon with very little experience. From fulfilling orders to selling some of your used stuff, selling on Amazon is actually a good skill to acquire with the current trajectory of retail stores.

Create an Etsy Account

If you make jewelry, crafts or something worth selling, use the Etsy platform to sell it. Not only can you make $500 pretty quickly, but you can also make $500 routinely on Etsy as you grow your following and product line.

Make Money Offering Home Services

There are some things we all love to do, but chores and housework typically aren’t some of them. However, you can make some money by offering some home services to others if you have skills in those areas.

Dog Walking

Sort of like Uber but for dogs, lets people find dog walkers and caretakers in their area for their animals. If you like dogs and want to walk a few, consider becoming a dog walker with Rover. You can check in on pets, walk them or even watch them.

Clean Cars, Decks & Patios!

If you enjoy cleaning or like cars, cleaning the exterior of a home, power-washing decks or detailing cars are quick ways to easily make $500.

Pet Sitting

While watching pets typically means you can charge somewhere between $25-$75 per day, you never know when a cat lady might call you. Had this pet owner boarded their pets it would have been more than $500, so it was a win-win scenario for both parties involved.

Tutor & Teach English

If you’re proficient in the English language, you can sign up to be a tutor with Vipkid and teach foreign students (usually in China) the English language and make $14-22 per hour.

Become a Tasker

Whether you just moved to a new area or you simply don’t live near any homes with yards, don’t worry, you can still make money using Task Rabbit.

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