Here’s how to sleep better after a C-section

Here’s why getting adequate sleep after a C-section is harder to come  by and what you can do to get the best sleep possible to support your  recovery and healing.

Talk to your doctor about managing pain at home through medication, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

Take pain medication as needed

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Make sure your necessities are close by

Keep all of your feeding and care essentials on your nightstand or  somewhere in your bedroom so you don’t have to hunt for them and can go  back to bed sooner.

Delegate tasks to close family and friends

This is a season of receiving help—so don’t be shy to reach out to your closest family members and friends for their support.

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Lying down on your belly might be uncomfortable for a while, and you  want to avoid putting pressure on your incision while it’s healing.

Use a bassinet instead of a crib


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