These fast & easy high-protein breakfasts are the perfect way to kick off your day

Protein in the morning is a great way to stay full until lunchtime. These healthy breakfast ideas are packed with protein and lots of flavor.

Black bean scramble

This wonderful high-protein egg scramble offers a dose of healthy fiber and Mexican flare.

Garlic, mushroom & spinach frittata

This wonderful frittata recipe is filled with healthy, nutritious ingredients that will fuel you to lunchtime.

Breakfast pita sandwich

This one is protein-packed and portable! Pack the filling into a whole-grain pita for extra nutrition.

Ground turkey breakfast scramble

Ground turkey makes a great breakfast! Here’s how to throw it all together quickly and easily for a delicious, protein-packed breakfast.

Red pepper egg scramble

Red peppers bring tons of flavor to a scramble, plus they are super good for you!

Italian breakfast scramble

Have spaghetti sauce or tomato sauce in the fridge? Scramble up something a little Italian-ish for breakfast!