10 no good, terrible, horrible things the internet is doing to children

If you’ve ever handed a smartphone or tablet to a toddler who just wouldn’t quiet down, you know that the digital lives of children are in equal measure a profound source of promise and peril.

While questions about screen time are a perennial favorite topic when it comes to children and in no way trivial, there are some much darker issues that merit discussion.

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Children with access to internet-connected devices can send and receive abusive texts, messages and IMs any time of day.

Increased risk of abduction

Everyone overshares on social media, but when children post too much about themselves online, it can be dangerous.

Exposure to inappropriate content

Early access to the anything-goes carnival of violence and sexuality available on the internet has caused worry for parents, guardians and child psychologists alike.

Body shaming

While this may not necessarily be intentional, it does set up an unhealthy environment for adolescents who are especially focused on their changing bodies.

Identity theft

Child identity theft may be more common than you may think. Recent studies estimate at least one million children are victims of identity theft every year.