How to Finally Stop Worrying About Money Forever

With so much stress in the world these days worrying about money, making ends meet and keeping your family safe you may literally be losing sleep.

That’s a big problem; when you don’t get enough sleep, you put your health and safety at risk, and you can’t perform at your best.

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If you aren’t sleeping over worries about money, here are steps you can take now to start taking control of your finances.

1. Assess Your Current Spending

First, you have to know where you are financially. The point of this exercise isn’t to shame yourself for your spending habits.

Ideally, you’re making more than you spend and have some breathing room. If that’s not the case, we’ll talk about fixing that in the next steps.

2. Track your spending moving forward

Next, commit to tracking your spending. No single method works for everyone, so think about what’s easiest for you.

Some people prefer writing everything in a journal while others like using a spreadsheet. Find a convenient method for you that you’ll stick with for the long term for the best results.

3. Cut your expenses

After reviewing your spending habits, look for areas where you can cut corners. With so many people growing bored of sheltering-in-place.

You may not realize you’re ordering things online you don’t really need. You can use that extra time to work on easy ways to lower your bills.


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