How to get out of your car lease early

One of the benefits of leasing a car is that it can be a shorter-term commitment than buying — but what if it still ends up being too long for you?

You might be able to get out of your lease agreement sooner if you can find someone who wants to assume your car lease. Here’s how to get out of your car lease early.

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What is a lease takeover

A lease takeover is pretty much what it sounds like and can also be referred to as a lease assumption or lease swap.

How to get out of your car lease with a lease takeover

Finding someone you know personally who wants your lease and then transferring it to them.

Transferring your lease

It’s important to check that there’s not a timeframe requirement from your financing company or dealer.

Returning your car early

Your car dealership might be open to taking your car back early if they have new cars they want to get you in, or if they want to get your car back on their lot early.

The costs and process of a lease takeover

Potential fees include a fee for listing your car if you use a third-party website, inspection fees, shipping fees, and transfer fees.