How to get the best deals on fall travel

While you might think that summer is the most popular time to travel, fall travel is also prime time for many people to hop a flight, get  behind the wheel, or otherwise head off on an adventure.

Autumn can be the peak time for some types of getaways. For instance,  New England for leaf peeping can be one of the best places to travel in  fall.

Things to Keep in Mind

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When to Book Flights for Fall

Knowing the right time to book flights for fall travel can depend on how you’re planning on paying for your flights.

Domestic Flights

Look for ones that offer comparisons to past results. That can give you  an idea how the price today stacks up vs. historical price trends.

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Booking international flights can be a bit more complicated, because  there are often a lot more moving parts on an international vacation.

International Flights


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