How to snatch up your dream home in a hot market

Purchasing a home in a competitive real estate market can seem  intimidating, but with patience and some smart strategies, you can  succeed.

A good agent will know what to look for in a home, may be able to  recommend new neighborhoods buyers haven’t thought of, and can steer shoppers to good deals.

Hiring a Non-Tepid Agent

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Listing Musts and Wants

Before looking at homes, it might be wise to create a list of “must-haves” vs. “nice to have” items on your home-buying wish list.

Adding Sweeteners to an Offer

In a hot market, adding a few perks to a home offer can further tempt  the seller because every little bit helps when there is the potential  for multiple offers.

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Sellers typically prefer all-cash offers because they present fewer hurdles than buyers who are going with a lender.

Offering All Cash


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