Interview Red Flags You Should Watch Out For

There’s a lot you won’t know about a company until you’re already inside it.

But there are some signals you can keep an eye out for during the interview process.

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If you feel your spidey sense tingling, definitely give it a listen. Here are some red flags worth watching out for.

1. Interviewer energy is ‘off’

Whoever is interviewing you regardless of their level or title should be showing up as an ambassador of the company’s brand.

People express energy in different ways. But I am saying that you deserve to feel like the interviewer wants to be there and is fully engaged in your conversation.

2. Interview questions feel like ‘gotcha’ traps

An interview should challenge you for sure, but also create a space in which you feel safe and can leave feeling good about yourself.

They were a little bit designed to make you sweat, to show the interviewer how you showed up under pressure. Pay attention to the nature of the questions you’re being asked.

3. Your curiosity isn’t welcome

In this day and age especially, an interview should feel like a dialog you should have questions to answer, but also an invitation to pose your own.

Great companies understand this is your opportunity to get to know them as much as theirs to know you. So, pay attention to how much time the interviewer leaves for you to ask questions of them.

4. They are comfortable criticizing colleagues

Every company is filled with flawed people. But a willingness to highlight these flaws in an interview designed to attract you may signal a culture of disrespect or unhealthy competition.


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