5 investment myths that could cost you big time

What stops new investors from putting their money in the market? Sometimes it’s plain old anxiety: What if I make a bad move and lose all my money?

Whatever the rationale is, these seeming instincts actually stem from a handful of investing myths that many investors aren’t even aware of. They’re like old sayings, but not the good kind.

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You Have to Invest at the Right Time

The best time to invest is when you’re prepared; you know you’re in it for the long haul; you have the funds; you understand your risk tolerance, and you’ve identified your financial goals.

I Need to Know Everything about the Markets Before I Start

Gathering information and doing research is an important part of investing. But too often people hesitate to get started because they think they need to know far more than just investing basics.

Never Invest When the Market Is Down

If you’re getting started in a down market, and you’re focused on solid investments, you can buy low and potentially come out ahead.

I Don’t Need to Invest Outside My Retirement Account

A stand-alone investment account, often called a taxable account, can offer many more investment choices and flexibility over your retirement portfolio.