Is it time to sell your Bitcoin?

With the crypto winter thawing out and the price of Bitcoin (BTC) on the rise, you might want to consider selling some BTC as its price peaks again.

Bitcoin’s price tends to go through significant peaks and valleys, and we may be approaching another peak in the coming months.

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Timing the market — or selling an asset exactly as its price peaks — is extremely difficult to do. For this reason, instead of trying to plan a moment in which you make one big sale, you may want to sell small chunks of your BTC holdings as the price of BTC increases.

For example, you could choose to sell 10% of your BTC holdings every time the price of the asset increases by 25%.

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If you were to measure this from BTC’s low of about $15,600 in November 2022, that would mean that you’d sell approximately 10% of your holdings every time BTC’s increased in value by about $3,900.


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