Is this the best way to onboard new employees?

When you’re eager for a new employee to roll up their sleeves and start contributing, it’s tempting to skip orientation. But including an orientation as part of your new hire process offers numerous benefits.

A strong orientation sets your employee up for success by helping them grasp the basics and start fulfilling the responsibilities of their role.

It can make a new employee more productive.

Research from Glassdoor found that great employee onboarding, which includes your orientation, can improve retention by 82%.

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It can improve employee retention.

A thoughtful orientation can ease any anxiety your new hire is experiencing. And it can empower them with the information they need to approach their role with confidence.

It can boost employee confidence.

Your orientation can help you present all of the most important information in an organized and efficient way. If you dish out information haphazardly, you may forget something.

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It can make onboarding more efficient.


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