Is this the future of air travel? carefully chose a selection of actual patents filed by popular airlines and used them to imagine the future of air travel.

The Pentagon and Lockheed Martin have produced a $400,000 helmet that “enables the pilot to see real-time in every direction thanks to six infrared cameras mounted on the jet.”

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Patent US9302780B2  proposes that the cockpit could be moved to the belly of the plane or (gulp) into its tail.

Rather than a $400k helmet, the pilot would find themselves in a futuristic media center surrounded by OLED displays, projection screens and even “a device with lasers for forming a holographic image.”

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Airbus patent B64C 1/14 promises a return to the early days when passengers “were fascinated by the fact that they are traveling through the air and may see the earth through the cabin windows in a bird’s perspective.”


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