Is your cat too fat? Here’s what to know about your heckin’ chonk

Obesity in cats is a growing problem. In fact, it’s one of the most common health problems in cats today!  You’ve got to know how to spot an obese cat and what causes obesity. Read on!

What is Obesity in Cats?

Obesity is a disease that can be fatal to cats. It is caused by overeating, lack of exercise, and genetic factors.

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– Too much food and not enough exercise – Genetics – Age (older cats tend to gain weight more quickly)

Risk Factors of Cat Obesity

What Causes Cat Obesity?

A high-calorie diet. While cats differ in their energy needs, they tend  to be very sensitive to the quantity of food they consume.

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What Causes Cat Obesity?

Lack of exercise. Cats may not get enough physical activity if you keep them exclusively indoors.


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