Make easy DIY mosquito repellants using common household items

Here are a few options to chase away these biting bugs without introducing potentially harmful chemicals to your environment.

Bob Vila suggests making a DIY bug repellent by combining a liquid base (one that will  stick to your skin) with one of these pest-repelling essential oils.

Make A Spray With Essential Oils

Medium Brush Stroke

Craft A Mosquito-Fighting Candle

Citrus, herbs and smoke are natural pest repellents. Combine these three  with an essential oil, and you’ve assembled a quadruple threat against  the bloodsuckers!

Sprinkle Coffee Grounds

Mosquitoes do not share your Starbucks obsession. In fact, they are repelled by coffee’s pungent smell.

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You can add herbs like sage and lemon balm, citronella leaves or bark  from a cedar tree to boost the fire’s mosquito-blocking potency.

Strategically Burn Stuff


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