Makeup artists’ top tricks to help you look more awake

We’ve tapped the expertise of makeup artists who’ve recommended their  favorite makeup tricks and products to help you look rested and at your  best.

While you might be tempted to beeline it to your makeup bag for your  concealer after a long night out, our experts suggest heading to your  skincare cabinet first.

Prepping Your Skin

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The Eyes Have It

While concealer may be the first thing you gravitate to, Vonette  Peters says it’s super important to color-correct your under-eye area  first.

Wake Up Your Eye Makeup

One of my favorite tricks is using a nude eyeliner in the water line, this makes the eyes look bigger and more awake!

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Using Lumify eye drops brightens the eyes in just a minute, removing redness from your eyes and enhancing your natural eye color.

This Bonus Trick Brightens Your Appearance


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