A guide to good mental health for women at every age

Each stage of your life can create different and new challenges to good mental health. The events that worry you as a 20year-old probably won’t be the same as what causes you stress when you’re 50.

At every age, though eating right, staying physically active, getting enough sleep, and having healthy relationships will help support your good physical and mental health.

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Good mental health in your teens and 20s

– Protect your mental health by knowing the signs of a mental health condition. – Get help.  – Talk to a mental health professional.

In your 30s & 40s

– Don’t forget about your own health. – Follow your doctor’s advice. – Develop healthy habits.

In your 50s & 60s

– Treat menopause symptoms. – Prioritize your own health. – Stay active.

In your 70s & beyond

– Maintain strong relationships. – Eat well.  – Be active.