How to start a minority woman-owned business

If you own or want to start a business, and you also happen to be female or a member of a minority group, you may want to seek special certification for your company.

Being officially recognized as a woman- or minority-owned business typically comes with a number of advantages, including eligibility for corporate and government contracts.

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Choosing your preferred organization

You can apply for minority- or women-owned status through several different organizations. WBE certification opens up opportunities in the private sector.

Gathering the necessary documents

Spending time in advance gathering the documents you’ll need can save you time in the application process.

Starting the certification process

Depending on the type of certification you’re seeking and the organization or agency you’re applying through, you can typically do the application online.

Paying the application fee

After you’ve filled out your application and submitted all the necessary documents, you may need to pay a fee to officially submit your application.