11 must-do things to keep your RV in top shape

Recreational vehicle (RV) life has become all the rage in recent years. Not only do people utilize a variety of RVs to travel and take extended road trips, but they’ve also increasingly become a relatively inexpensive permanent living option.

As much as there is fun and convenience that comes with an RV, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if the RV isn’t properly maintained. Like any vehicle, regular maintenance will help keep the RV running efficiently and prevent expensive repairs. Especially while out on a trip, RV maintenance can be a lifesaver.

Buy a Reliable RV

Prevention is the key to avoiding costly repairs as much as possible, and that starts with buying the RV. That’s why the first of the RV maintenance tips we’ll offer is to buy a reliable RV.

Don’t Risk a Flat Battery

Have you ever been stranded with a dead battery? It’s no fun in a car, and even less so in an RV out in the middle of nowhere. Ensuring you have a good battery is an essential factor in maintaining your RV.

Inspect the Wastewater System

RV holding tanks typically contain chemicals to help control odor and break down the waste, so you’ll need to ensure your system has the proper balance. Some chemicals are extremely harsh and can cause problems for septic tanks, so be sure to research which chemicals will be best for your waste removal options.

Brake Safety

Good brakes are critical for the safety of everyone in the RV. Therefore, you must regularly inspect the brakes and brake fluids to ensure they are working properly. Also, make sure you have quality brake pads and fluid and that all is in good working order.

Check Tire Pressure

As with many RV maintenance tips above, it’s important to check your tires and ensure that they are in good condition and at the proper tire pressure before heading out. Again, your handbook will tell you the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle.