No degree, no problem:

25 easy & high-paying jobs that require little work

While some of the following call for certification or training, it’s unlikely to cost as much as a traditional four-year degree.

Description: Control and manage the electrical power systems of a plant. Salary: $94,790 Job Growth: -15% Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

Power Plant Operator, Distributor, and Dispatcher

Description: Fly commercial airplanes and other aircraft. Salary: $134,630 Job Growth: 6% Requirements: Flight school

Medium Brush Stroke

Commercial Pilot

Description: Install, repair, and maintain elevators and escalators. Salary: $97,860 Job Growth: 3% Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

Elevator Installer and Repairer

Description: Onset makeup application in the entertainment industry. Salary: $124,380 Job Growth: 6% Requirements: On-the-job training or beauty school certifications

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Makeup Artist, Theatrical and Performance


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