No kidding – It’s adults driving toy sales

Toy stores have been a destination for American children for decades,  especially during the holiday season. But it turns out kids aren’t the  only ones who like to play.

Nostalgia and Prices Surge

A consumer group that’s referred to as “kidults” is one of the toy  industry’s most important subsets. .

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Older buyers account for almost 25%  of all toy sales every year, according to NPD Group

Nostalgia and Prices Surge

Kidults These Days

Toy company executives say the kidult trend is partly rooted in how  society has changed, in that adults are now more free to express fandom  as a part of adulthood.

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The kidult group has helped companies deal with that glut, as 60% of the industry’s dollar growth was tied to older customers.

Supply Chain Snafus


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