The completely unshocking reasons young folks are already changing careers

If we value our college years, why is what we study in school so  different from what we end up doing for a living? And does changing  careers really get us what we want?

What Women Want at Work

Compared to men, women are far more likely to say they made a change in  their career path for more work/life balance and better pay.

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Quick Change Artists

For a big chunk of college grads, the career-job disconnect started immediately after they got their diplomas.

Younger Workers Are Making Moves

Overall, 65% of survey respondents have had 2 to 5 jobs so far. And millennials and Gen Z-ers are primed for even more changes.

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Gen Z is the group most likely to switch careers to make more money:  72% of those who transitioned to a new job for higher earnings were in  their 20s.

A Fatter Paycheck


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