Can you actually make money renting your car?

If you’re looking to make a little bit of a passive income and have an extra car that you don’t use very much, you may consider renting it out.

It’s good to know that while there can be some real monetary benefits to renting out your vehicle to strangers, there are also some real risks. Here’s a closer look at how to rent out your car.

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List Your Vehicle

To list your vehicle, visit the website of a car-sharing service or download its mobile app. You’ll be asked for the make and model of your car as well as a description of the vehicle and how much you’d like to rent it for.

Find Drivers

Drivers find you through the car-sharing app. They are often able to sort vehicles through various filters, including make and model, price, delivery fee, and other features.

Complete the Transaction

Drivers book your vehicle directly through the car-sharing app, which handles the monetary transaction.

The Pickup

Some hosts will offer vehicle delivery for pick-up and return at private locations or frequent travel hubs like airports or train stations.