Restaurant etiquette: Avoid these common dining faux pas

We all manage a faux pas or a slip of our manners from time-to-time. But there are some things that can end up being just plain rude.

Nobody likes to waste time waiting for someone to show up, and that’s especially true when it comes to restaurant reservations.

Don’t show up late

Dinner and a show is great,  but not when you’re rushed for time. And that goes for both you and the restaurant employees who are serving you.

Don’t be crunched for time

If your table is cleared, you’re no longer eating or drinking anything and are just talking with your companions, consider moving the evening to a nearby bar, park or even someone’s home.

Don’t overstay your welcome

There’s a rhythm to dining out, and that rhythm is typically orchestrated in large part by your server.

Don’t try to be in control

You may not be getting the best service, but it may not be your server’s fault. Try to be understanding if you see that the restaurant employees are scrambling to keep up.

Don’t be rude or pushy

Stick to these etiquette rules and chances are you’ll end up having better dining experiences.

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