Want to retire early? Avoid these 8 critical mistakes

My husband Mark and I retired early a little more than a year ago when I was 38 and Mark was 41, after saving aggressively for six years.

Along the way, we made plenty of mistakes, both financial and mental. And if I can spare you a little stress by sharing them, then I’m glad to do it!

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Use all of our vacation time

If we had it all to do over again, we would slow down just a little and use all of our vacation time along the way, because resting and relaxing are super important.

Institute a work complaint ban sooner

We were allowed to recount things that had happened and if something was truly egregious, we could complain about that in a very small dose.

Appreciate work more, sooner

Reminding myself of that helped me keep the bad moments in perspective, which made the whole journey more enjoyable.

Invest more in Roth IRAs

If we’d gotten wise earlier on, we might have put money into Roths rather than spending that money in our lower earning years.

Not waste energy clipping coupons

I learned an important lesson from it all that it’s far better to look for the big opportunities to save money – like by minimizing housing and transportation costs.