Seniors, don’t get ripped off by these scams

As summer approaches, now is a great time to remind older adults, along with their relatives or caregivers, that scammers love to prey on seniors, whom they see as easy targets for identity theft and a variety of money swindles.

Internet scams run the gamut from lottery and tech support fraud to imposter scams, all with the same nefarious motive: They’re after your money and/or personal information.

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Tech support scams

Someone claiming to be a computer technician from a company you recognize such as Microsoft or your internet and wireless provider, calls you with bad news.

Then the “helpful” technician offers an easy fix. All you have to do is allow the caller remote access to your computer and/or purchase new software to repair the problem.

Imposter scams

Like tech support scams, imposter scammers prey on your trust by pretending to be a well-known company or government agency.

Someone calls, texts or emails you, claiming to be from your bank and telling you about an “unauthorized transfer.” Or maybe the imposter claims to be from Amazon and wants your password, credit card or other sensitive, personal information to remove an “unauthorized purchase” from your account or even create a new “safe” account under your name.

Prize and sweepstakes scams

With this scam, someone calls, texts or emails you with fantastic news: You’ve won a large sum of money, a new car or some other big prize.

Before you can collect your prize, you must fork over money or provide personal information like your Social Security Number, bank account, Medicare ID number or other personal information.


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