Set up your business for online sales in 5 easy steps

Diversifying revenue streams means putting products and services on an online marketplace.

It might mean running sales on social media or finding new ways to market your products while being mindful of global conversations. It could also prompt you to form new partnerships and make your products available on multiple sites.

Identify your best online marketplace

There are a ton of sites on the internet built specifically to help you sell your products. So it’s easy to make the mistake of selling your products on the wrong platform. That’s why you should start your e-commerce journey by identifying the best e-commerce website for your products and customers.

Capture your products in the best light

To start, consider the best place to take photos of your products. Put time into details like lighting and background. Maybe even enlist a friend if you need someone to model the product in use.

Add products to your store

At this point, you may be more concerned with getting your products online fast than perfecting your own online retail space.

Connect your online store to your QuickBooks account

It’s easier than ever to keep your business financials up to date because QuickBooks integrates with a variety of e-commerce platforms.

Tell your customers where to find you

Once you have an online shopping space up and running, tell your customers.