Should you be taping your mouth for a better night’s sleep?

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve probably seen a viral video or two about mouth taping.

Research suggests chronic mouth breathing increases the risk of sleep disorders. So the theory behind mouth taping is that training yourself to breathe through just your nose could lead to healthier, better sleep.

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Despite the TikTok buzz, there aren’t any studies proving mouth taping works for snoring, sleep apnea, or bad morning breath. A 2009 study also found that mouth taping doesn’t improve asthma.

Still, a 2015 study of 30 patients with habitual open-mouth breathing found success with a modified version of mouth taping. The study participants wore a three-layer, porous patch over their mouths at night.

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When the results were in, researchers concluded that the patch improved mouth breathing, reduced snoring, and could be used to treat mild obstructive sleep apnea.


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