12 signs you may want to join the ‘Great Resignation’

There are many valid reasons for leaving a job. When you resign from your current role, you want to leave on good terms.

Before you quit, it’s important to consider how you will explain your reasons for leaving. Because if you do return to the workforce, you will be asked why you left your previous job at some point.

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You Have Found New Opportunities Elsewhere

Advancing your career by accepting a promotion or new role is a good thing. It shows that you care about your career and that you are growing professionally.

Your Schedule Took a Hit

In some cases, your work schedule may ultimately be one of your reasons for leaving a job. This can involve various factors, such as having your hours reduced.

Personal or Family Reasons

Unless you have a boss who has no feelings whatsoever, leaving for family or personal reasons is a way to quit your current job on good terms.

Your Commute is Too Long

If you have family responsibilities, not seeing your kids off to school or spending quality time with your significant other can lead you to leave your job.

You Decided to Pursue Other Goals

In other situations, you may want to explore starting your own business or want more time to volunteer for causes that are near and dear to your heart.