Social Security survivor benefits: All you need to know

Survivor benefits are the monthly benefits that go to a spouse, former  spouse or children of a person who was receiving or eligible for Social Security benefits when they were alive.

The survivor benefits primarily depend on the amount of Social Security  benefits the deceased received or was entitled to at the time of death.

What Is It?

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Who Qualifies?

A widow or widower of any age, provided he or she has not remarried  and is taking care of the deceased’s child, who is below 16 years or is  disabled.

Who Qualifies?

An unmarried child of the deceased could also qualify for the  benefits if he or she is below 18 years, or 18 or older with a disability that started before age 22.

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The number of credits that you need so that your family members qualify  for survivor benefits depends on your age when you die.

Credits Needed


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