7 steps to help you retire in the next 5-10 years

Everyone loves to talk about what separates the wealthy from the proles, the successful from the wage-slaves, the upper class from the middle class. To me, there’s only one great segregator: the pursuit of passive income.

The true key to financial freedom is the ability to cover your expenses not with your salary, but with passive income from investments.

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Planning Part I: Visualize Your Post-Retirement Life

It’s awfully hard to bring a blurry vision to life in the real world. You need a crystal clear plan and vision, in order to realize those goals.

Max Out Your Tax-Advantaged Retirement Accounts

You earn returns multiple times over with these accounts: you earn an immediate return with tax savings, and you earn the appreciation/capital gains as your investments grow in value.

Slash Your Expenses

The 4% Rule states that on average, you can count on withdrawing around 4% of your nest egg each year, to pay your retirement expenses, without fear of running out of money in your lifetime.


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