We beg of you: Please stop doing these stupidly annoying things on airplanes

Air travel: it’s like a social experiment at 35,000 feet. We’re all  packed into this flying metal tube, and we have a way to do what humans  do best: be annoying.

It’s simple: before sending your seat back into someone’s lap, give them a heads-up. It’s not rocket science, per se.

Reclining the seat without warning

Medium Brush Stroke

Talking loud

Keep your conversations at a volume that won’t serve as in-flight entertainment for the whole plane.

Playing media without headphones

If you’re listening to music, watching a movie, or doing anything involving noise, use headphones.

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If you find yourself in the middle seat, you’ve already lost the airplane seating lottery, and a general rule of thumb is that you get  both armrests.

Hogging the armrest


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