43 ways to make the most out of summer’s most tempting fruit

Summer is a fresh peach. Growing up in the south means lots of huge, delicious peaches all summer long. Dessert was always something with peaches in it, and we ate them all the time.

One of the best frugal living tips I can give you is to cook with the food that is in season. Not only is it usually cheaper, but it is definitely more delicious.

Medium Brush Stroke

If you have a recipe you love, then make double and freeze it- it’s great always to have something put away for those days when you don’t have time to cook or bake!

Peach Frangipane Galette

A thin layer of sweet almond filling set atop a tender crust compliments the summer fruit perfectly and is a great way to showcase fresh peaches at their prime.

Easy Fresh Peach Danish Pastries

With a flaky crust, rich filling, juicy fruit, and nutty topping, this easy recipe is a beautiful addition to any menu and is a great way to use fresh summer peaches.

Homemade Peach Muffins

These homemade peach muffins have the distinctive flavor of peach cobbler. Brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, and fresh peaches blend to make a tasty little summery muffin.

Peach Mango Pie with All-Butter Crust

This Peach Mango Pie with All-Butter Crust is a fresh new take on the classic All-American pie with sweet fruit, cinnamon filling, and the flakiest crust!


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