The 10 Foods Americans Hate the Most

Career experts Zippia narrowed down a list of the 40 most hated foods in America to our top 10 dislikes. They used Google Search Trends data, such as online orders and least-used foods in recipes.


Only one state declared war on carrots: Montana. The people living here have a hatred for the orange vegetable, but they’re all alone on this one.

Medium Brush Stroke

Two states need their steaks cooked just right: Connecticut and Massachusetts. Be careful if you’re the one behind the grill in these states. A well-done steak just won’t cut it.

Well-done steak


If you’re in Hawaii, don’t count on finding a lot of dishes with pickles. The only other place where pickles inspire such hatred isn’t technically a state: The District of Columbia.

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It seems like beets are not very popular in the South. The four states that would rather say “beat it” to the rooty vegetables are Alabama, Arizona, Florida, and Louisiana.



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