The best guns to collect as investments

Gun ownership is a hot topic. No doubt you’ve got your own opinions. In the next slides, you will learn about all the different ways to build wealth by investing in guns.

Investing in guns made by famous gunsmiths is a popular strategy. That’s because you’ll always find buyers for them.

Guns Made By Famous Gunsmiths

It’s worth investing in historically important guns as they often rise  in value. A collectible gun could be one that was used in a war.

Medium Brush Stroke

Historically Important Guns

A Colt Single Action Army revolver that once belonged to former United States President Teddy Roosevelt sold for $1.4 million.

Teddy Roosevelt Colt Single Action Revolver

George Washington’s saddle pistols have had many owners over the years and were last sold at a gun sale in 2002 for $1,986,000.

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George Washington Saddle Pistols


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