The best way to automate every aspect of your financial life

The rise of sophisticated technology and algorithms have helped make automatic investment plans more accessible and secure, as well as more customizable.

The “automatic” part of an automatic investment plan can refer to the automated deposit of funds, usually on a regular schedule. But it’s not just a way to automate your savings.

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It can also refer to stock dividends being reinvested automatically. But it depends. An automatic investment plan can also include automated funds or robo portfolios, as noted above.

If you consider automated investing 101, the basic architecture of almost all automatic investment plans is the use of technology to ensure the regular deposit of funds in a portfolio that reflects an investor’s needs and goals.

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While some people might view these options as “hands-off” or “set it and forget it” — and it’s true, they can remove or simplify a fair number of investment choices for investors — using an AIP doesn’t mean your money is on autopilot.


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