The easy way to grow your own herbs this spring

Growing an herb garden of your own will make your homemade meals taste incredibly fresh and flavorful!

When selecting which herbs to plant, think about your favorites and how often you use them. Will a small plant do, or do you need to plant it outdoors in a larger pot?

Depending on how often you cook with fresh herbs and the season, you’ll need to decide whether to plant your herbs indoors, outdoors, or both. Once you decide, you’ll have to find a sunny location for most plants.

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If grown inside, the herbs should be placed in a container and watered whenever the top of the soil looks dry, about every two weeks. When selecting a container, get creative! Use decorative pails or recycled coffee cans.

Whatever container you use, make sure you plant the herb in a fertilized rich soil. For your outdoor garden, choose a pot based on the size of the plant and how much you have to cut each time.

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Some herbs make lovely border plants and produce pretty flowers, like chives.


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