The most expensive rare guns ever sold at auction

The firearms that fetch the highest prices at auctions are not only valuable for their craftsmanship, but for the stories and legends that surround them.

The revolver, a Model 1849, is one of only six that were embellished in this opulent style, and most were gifted to influential politicians of the time.

Presentation Colt 1849 Revolver: $1.14 million

The auction house president, Kevin Hogan, described the rifle as an “American treasure” and praised its pristine condition and historical significance.

Medium Brush Stroke

A Model 1886 Winchester rifle presented to Henry Ware Lawton: $1.26 million

This revolver, with a unique history, originally belonged to Col. John Millikin, a Civil War hero who tragically lost his life in 1862.

G. Young Engraved Colt Millikin Dragoon Revolver: $1.66 million

The pistols in question were a gift to Bolívar from French aristocrat and war hero, the Marquis de Lafayette, who fought in both the French and American revolutions.

Medium Brush Stroke

Simon Bolivar’s Flintlock Pistols – $1.8 million


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