The natural decor to spruce up your home this March

Depending on when they were born in the month, people with March birthdays are either a Pisces or an Aries — which can make them creative wonders or outstanding leaders. They also get the gorgeous aquamarine as a birthstone.

But did you know that every month of the year also has its own birth flowers? Each bloom has a special meaning, making flowers an excellent birthday gift.

Medium Brush Stroke

The official birth flower for March babies is the yellow daffodil. It can also be called a jonquil or Narcissus flower. Specifically, its scientific name is Narcissus jonquilla.

Daffodils have plenty of positive connotations because they are among the first flowers we see in the early spring. This burst of bold color after months of gray and cold rejuvenates moods.

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It’s no wonder that the daffodil’s meaning has much to do with rebirth, new starts, and joy. It is also associated with beauty, as the daffodil is named after one of the most beautiful characters in Greek mythology.


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