The pros & cons of a $20k personal loan

Read on to learn when you might consider taking out a large personal  loan, how to qualify for a $20,000 personal loan, and what monthly  payments on a $20,000 personal loan may look like.

Home improvement If you have costly home repairs that can no longer be  ignored, or you’re planning a small remodel, you can use a personal loan for home improvement.

Reasons to Consider a $20,000 Loan

Emergency funds if you suddenly get hit with high medical or funeral  bills that would eat up all your savings, you can get a personal loan  for emergencies.

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Reasons to Consider a $20,000 Loan

Most lenders offering $20,000 personal loans will offer repayment periods between three and five years.

Typical Repayment Terms

A strong credit score. For an easy loan application process, you will want a credit score that is considered “good” (690-719).

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Qualifying Criteria for a $20,000 Loan


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