The ultimate guide to creating an indoor garden

Whether you have little yard space or find the idea of an easy-to-access  green area appealing, an indoor garden is fun to make and a rewarding  experience.

Set up a Garden Space

Depending on your goals, your indoor garden might be in a greenhouse on an apartment balcony or in a vacant room in your home.

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Not all plants will thrive indoors, so you need to be careful to choose the right types for your garden.

Choose the Right Plants

Tips for Success

Starting a garden can lead to a lot of trial-and-error moments, but if  you follow these key steps you will be able to tweak your methods as you  become a better gardener.

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Many expert gardeners start plants off in small planters and then transplant them into a bigger pot of soil.

Get Mature Potted Plants to Boost Your Indoor Garden Mood


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