These are the 11 most expensive car repairs

Read on to learn about the most expensive car repairs and how to pay for them.

You might expect engine repair to be a significant cost and it is. If  several parts of the engine need to be repaired, you may need a whole  new engine.

The Engine

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The Head Gasket

If the head gasket isn’t functioning properly, the engine can overheat, resulting in serious damage to the car. A head gasket repair cost can be more than $2,000.

The Transmission

The transmission moves power from the car’s engine to its wheels, so  repairing it is critical if problems arise. A transmission repair can  cost between $400 and $1,400.

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If you need to replace them, the brake line replacement cost is about $1,000. To help prevent the brake lines from rusting, you can coat them with an anti-rusting agent.

The Brake Line


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