These Are the Most-Filmed Streets in America

America has sold itself to the world through the cinema screen. And, for half a century, location shooting has been the common way of doing so, even in the big studio world of Hollywood.

In fact, our study found that nine out of the ten most filmed streets are in NYC or LA. And 44 out of the top 50 are in the states of California or New York.

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Whether you’re wondering how ​​screen-friendly is your street or you’re in the process of researching a neighborhood before buying a house, make sure to explore our interactive map to guide you.

Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Featured in: 133 Movies Most Notable Credits: Lethal Weapon (1987), Borat (2006), Mulholland Drive (2001)

So, across the years, the Boulevard has offered not just convenience for location scouts but a ripening charisma. And that’s to say nothing of its secret alleys.

Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

Featured in: 64 Movies Most Notable Credits: Sunset Boulevard (1950)

In Sunset Boulevard (1950), a faded starlet plots her triumphant return to the screen from her mansion on the eponymous street – known for its tinsel-town glamour since the early days of Hollywood.

Park Avenue, New York City

Featured in: 61 Movies Most Notable Credits: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), The Avengers  (2012), Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Like LA, some of New York City’s most used locations have also had movies named after them. Park Avenue is overall the most used location in New York City, with 61 IMDb credits.


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