These just may be the worst souvenirs (& a few that are pretty cool)

Just as with any other part of your finances, you will want to have a  budget for your travel souvenirs. Without one, you’re likely to end up  spending more than you intend.

What Are the Most Popular Souvenirs?

– Fridge magnets – Shot glasses – Christmas ornaments – Postcards – T-shirts or other clothing

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Meaningful Souvenirs You Won’t Regret

Postcards: These can be a great option, especially if you write a meaningful memory on it and mail it to yourself.

Souvenirs to Avoid

Key rings: Sure, they’re cute and widely available, but how many do you need?

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Set a souvenir budget and decide before you go what you want to bring back as a souvenir.

Tips for Souvenir Shopping


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