Everyday things we took for granted 30 years ago that are total luxuries today

Here are things we thought would be readily available and affordable forever 30 years ago, that are as rare and expensive today as Fabergé eggs.

It’s not entirely on the nose, but in 1993, a gallon of gas in the United States cost an average of $1.11.

A gallon of gas for a dollar

Medium Brush Stroke

Vinyl records

When the compact disc hit the market, it made the vinyl record persona non grata among physical media varieties, and you could get one for less  than seven dollars.

Furniture you didn’t have to build yourself

Furniture outlets still sell an already-made dresser made of  real wood but be prepared to part with many hundreds, if not thousands,  of dollars for it.

Medium Brush Stroke

Living in the big city has never been cheap, but 30 years ago it was  possible to rent a studio or one-bedroom apartment for under $1,000.

Apartment rentals


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