20 genius tips for falling asleep fast

Whether you’re feeling anxiety about current events, you drank too much caffeine in the afternoon, it’s too hot in your bedroom or something else, there are plenty of reasons why your sleep might be disrupted.

The good news is that there are several methods you can try to fall asleep more quickly if you’re having trouble catching those Z’s.

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Reset your sleep schedule

Reset your sleep schedule by exercising each morning, cooling the temperature of your house at night and dimming lights in the evening.

Try the military method

You relax your body bit by bit, starting with the muscles in your face before moving to your upper body and then, finally, your lower body. This method often helps people fall asleep within two minutes.

Practice deep breathing

Try this exercise to fall asleep faster: Engage your diaphragm, letting your belly expand as you breathe in through your nose on a count of four. Then, exhale through your nose on a count of six.

Meditate before bed

Use the hour before bed to listen to a deep slumber meditation. And if you wake up during the night, try meditating to help you go back to sleep.


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