8 tips for going back to work after a break

Whether you took time off to be a stay-at-home mom or you needed a break from the grind, restarting your career can be an exciting prospect. But where should you begin?

Once you’ve daydreamed about your ideal role and polished your resume, continue preparing for your soon-to-be career opportunity with these helpful tips.

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Find Remote Jobs

One of the easier ways to transition is to find online jobs that allow you to work remotely. Remote jobs are great for stay-at-home moms.

Sign Up for LinkedIn

Networking and having access to open roles and hiring companies is often the key to landing your next opportunity.

Reach Out to Former Colleagues

Your personal connections can be an untapped pool when it comes to job hunting. You never know what leads and recommendations you’ll discover.

Include Relevant Stay-at-Home Experience on Your Resume

If you took continuing education classes or did freelance work, then feel free to highlight these on your resume.

Perfect Your Body Language

If you’re interviewing on Zoom, you can show that you are confident and competent with the right body language.